About us

Our company

Enerfin was founded in 1989 to design, manufacture and refurbish heat transfer products. The company soon became recognized as a world-class supplier.

Our expertise is the result of many years of know-how and experience acquired in the industrial and energy sectors all over the world.

Our services include design, engineering, research, development, and refurbishment of heat transfer products. Our plant is equipped with high-performance machinery, giving us great flexibility. It also allows us to manufacture custom products and deliver them in a timely fashion.

Our products are designed to attain efficient thermal performance in the most demanding conditions. We achieve this by combining innovative engineering with rigorous quality control. All of our heat exchangers are manufactured in conformance with recognized quality standards. The company is certified in ISO 9001:2008, ASME Section VIII-1 (U-Stamp) and CSA B51.

Our mission

Our mission is design and manufacture heat exchangers, as well as to supply peripheral equipment for the electric power sector.

Enerfin's goal is to offer innovative solutions with added value in order to exceed our customers' expectations.

We built our reputation by supplying high-quality products with unparalleled reliability and guaranteed performance. We are committed to providing you with the best solutions to become your energy partner.

Our values:

1. Listening and respect

2. Commitment to excellence

3. Communication

4. Teamwork

5. Innovation

6. Participation in the well-being of the community

7. Respect for the environment



Enerfin is proud of its suppliers. We work with them to get the best materials at the best quality/price ratio. In addition, timely delivery and the quality of the materials are priorities.

Lastly, Enerfin is the exclusive representative of ABS pumps in North America. ABS manufactures transformer oil pumps of the highest quality in conformance with highly rigorous engineering standards. Thus, the reliability and performance of these pumps are unparalleled.