Extruded aluminum fin tubes

Extruded fin tubes manufactured by Enerfin are the centerpiece of nearly all our heat exchangers. Their "double-wall" construction makes them extremely durable and heat-efficient. You can also choose from among several types of tube materials, which allows our heat exchangers to be specifically adapted to a given application. In addition, our extruded fin tubes are designed to prevent corrosion between the fins and tube, unlike fins embedded in the exterior wall of the tube. Used properly, our tubes are entirely suitable for steam coils.

Enerfin's extruded fin tubes are manufactured by a rotary extrusion process in order to obtain integral fin tubes. We manufacture them by inserting a lining in an aluminum extrusion. The extrusion is radially crushed on the lining, and the excess material is pushed into the shape of spiral fins. The extrusion process solidifies the fins and prevents the galvanic corrosion that would occur if there were two metal alloys exposed to air, as is the case with other types of fins. Compared to other similar products, our fins do not break, nor do they uncoil, and the lining does not come loose, thereby maintaining the heat exchanger's thermal performance.

The advantages of extruded aluminum fin tubes are as follows:

  • Easy to clean with a high-pressure water jet without deforming the fins
  • The tube is not mechanically stretched to adhere to the fins
  • Uniform and reliable heat transfer
  • No galvanic corrosion between the tube and fins
  • The fins are vibration resistant
  • Perfectly suited to industrial applications
  • Unequalled quality/price ratio for demanding applications
Applications Material Features
  • Cooling units
  • Heating units

Enerfin can supply extruded aluminum fin tubes (with or without lining) with a variety of materials for the lining.

  • The fins are manufactured in aluminum (standard)
  • The lining can be made of copper, 90-10 copper-nickel, titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel or another material.
  • No galvanic corrosion at the base of the fins
  • Rugged fins, resistant to high-pressure cleaning, causing no warping or bending
  • Superior heat transfer capacity for the lifetime of the unit
  • Tubes can be shipped and cut to length and stripped at each end
  • Optional reducing sleeves (bell) at the end of tubes
  • Extended warranty available for Enerfin heat exchangers using these tubes

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