Power transformers

Enerfin's transformer oil coolers are custom designed to meet your operating conditions, your technical specifications, your available space and your requirements in terms of acoustics. In addition, our extruded aluminum fin tubes are ideal for this type of application. They are highly resistant to weathering and cleaning with high-pressure water jets. Thus, the longevity and long-term performance of our transformer oil coolers will fully meet your expectations.

Also, Enerfin has designed and manufactured transformer oil coolers that have been installed all over the world. Our experience with major power transformer manufacturers (OEMs) and the users of this equipment makes Enerfin an unbeatable supplier for the engineering and manufacture of heat exchangers necessary for optimal and reliable power production (please do not hesitate to contact us for recommendations).

Enerfin is recognized in the industry for the design and manufacture of transformer oil coolers in conformance with TEMA. Our plant is "U-Stamp" and ISO 9001:2008 certified.