Industrial steam coils

Enerfin has specific experience and technical know-how when it comes to heat transfer fluid and steam coils. For example, we pay very close attention to steam velocity, steam distribution and the thermal stress that could be so damaging to this type of heat exchanger. Lastly, Enerfin uses its extruded fin tubes in conformance with highly rigorous engineering practices for this type of application, because the heat exchanger’s design temperature must not be detrimental to the aluminum fins.

Model SCR-D :

For straight tubes on a single pass with opposite-end connections. Available in one and two rows for steam and heat transfer fluid.

Model SCR-U :

For a two-row and two-pass circuit with same-end connections. Recommended for steam applications of 15 PSIG (103.4 kPa) or greater, with a very good condensate drain system.

Model SCR-Flex :

For a single-pass circuit with opposite-end connections. Recommended for pressures and temperatures that require expansion of tubes on rigid tubing. Available in one and two rows.

Model SCR-NF :

For straight tubes with internal distributor tubes. Recommended for temperatures below 35 °F (1.7 °C) on the air side and a minimum steam pressure of 2 PSIG (13.8 kPa). The SCR-NF is also used to have a steam coil with same-end connections.

Applications Material Features
  • Boiler air preheating
  • Pulp and paper drying process
  • Lumber drying process
  • Textile drying process
  • Chemical product drying process

The tubes and headers can be supplied in copper, 90-10 copper-nickel, titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials.

  • Enerfin’s industrial coils are manufactured with our extruded aluminum fins (standard).
  • Enerfin offers a range of standard products and can optimize all applications in keeping with your requirements.
  • Enerfin’s industrial coils can be supplied in a metal framework from which each coil can be removed individually for maintenance.

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